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Viaxe por urticaria

10,00 €
1996, BOA Music

Berrogüetto claims its own Icaria, a proper place for its music. An utopian journey that may one day be reality.       

In Travel in Icaria (Voyage en Icarie, 1840) Etienne Cabet showed us an utopian world for that time: bathrooms in each house, retirement at sixty-five and eight-hour work day ... But, while the development of civilization went beyond the ideals of that city, Icaria, today, here in Urticaria (it is a pun, meaning Hives in Galician), we still lack the resolution of spiritual ideals ... His ¨Liberty, Equality and Fraternity ¨ are so pre-ab-sent now as then... Urti Icaria...

Talking about music, Viaxe por Urticaria is also an utopian journey that one day may be reality.

Viaxe por Urticaria, the second Berrogüetto's recording work corroborates the success of the first. Long expected by public and critics, it lengthens the creative energy of the band's music. This album, released in several international  editions, surprised by the combination of music and the image on the cover: photographs by  Xoán Piñón, where musicians were impregnated with mud, as a metaphor of the alternating of tradition and contemporaneity, one of its essential          musical purposes.

Viaxe por Urticaria presents several new features. There are changes among the members: Paco Juncal leaves the group and Quim Farinha (violin) and Guadi Galego (vocals, bagpipes and percussion) were incorporated. From a musical standpoint incorporating Guadi Galego marked the first integration of a solo voice.

On this record almost all members of the group composed any of the themes, so the range of inputs and perceptions gets wider. Thus, Viaxe a Urticaria provides a    catalogue of songs that evokes very different emotions.

  • Aquí canto [5:06]
  • Tránsito [5:15
  • Indosesta [6:08
  • "K" [3:41]
  • Lusco [1:55]
  • Fusco [3:38]
  • Alalá das Humidades [5:59]
  • Neocórtex [4:37]
  • Bailador [3:27]
  • A Forza das Mareas [4:37]
  • Ausencia [2:26